Guga Baba is kind of an acronym, formed from the first syllables of “Gupi Gayen, Bagha Bayen” – an iconic Bengali movie by Satyajit Ray, a world-renowned, Oscar-winning, Indian Director.

In the movie, Gupi is an aspiring singer, with a horribly out of tune voice, and Bagha is an aspiring drum player who is completely out of rhythm. They are both extremely passionate about their aspirations, so much so that their village neighbors and king gets fed up and exiles them from their villages.

Gupi Gyen Babha Bayen Movie Poster

They meet in a forest, meeting by chance. A ghost king gets impressed by their passion and gives them 3 boons. 3 boons of their want. They ask for:

  1. They should be able to Travel wherever they want
  2. They should be able to Eat whatever they want. They should never go hungry
  3. They should be able to Sing and Play Music well

The Ghost King grants them the 3 wishes.

The life of Gupi and Bagha changes forever, they go on to resolve disputes between kingdoms, marry princesses and much more….however, they retain their uncanny simplicity, their thirst for new experiences and honesty ….

Guga Baba, are my idols…and guess what? What they wanted from life, I too want the same…Travel, Music, and Food….the 3 passions of my life…

A Ghost King never granted me any wish, I do have to work to be able to sustain my passions…But can my passions fuel my life? As it did for GugaBaba? That’s something to be seen as more of Life unfolds 🙂