Dubai Expo – The place where the world came together. It was amazing 4 days in Dubai. The scale of everything was just amazing.

Notable pavilions we visited:

1. Isreal

The whole experience was contained in a circular room, with a screen running around the circumference. The audio visual which played was quite immersive. A short but very impactful message regarding sustainability, togetherness.

2. India

A 4 storey building, which was put to pretty poor use. Whereas all other country pavilions concentrated on one theme and spoke about it, India was all over the place. Also, no other pavilion so blatantly marketed their politicians like India. It was kind of embarrassing.

As you enter, India pavilion spoke about space, it’s achievements in that regard. It was impressive. The first floor was a huge room with mirrors on all walls. There was projection of dance, music, cinemas, temples of India and more. The space was also very impressive. Very colorful and vibrant showcasing Indian culture. But it all went downhill from there. As if they gave up after this. The rest of the pavilion was just screens with numbers and text. It was like seeing a boring ppt.

This was the most interesting area, with all walls having projections/mirrors, it was very colorful and vibrant
Most of India pavilion was like this. Very boring.

3. Saudia Arabia

This pavilion got the best pavilion award for the Expo. And goes without saying that every section was just Wow!

Outside the Pavilion, in queue

4. The sustainability pavilion

This pavilion was focussed on sustainability. Very visual and experiential, it covered various aspects – trees, future cities, our habits of excess consumption, etc.

5. Singapore

Singapore was focussed on Sustainability again. The whole pavilion was an example of vertical farming.

There were lot of interesting ideas and facts all across the pavilion.

6. Germany

The country which seemed seriously concerned about climate change and deteriorating state of planet was Germany. And they are walking the talk. We stood in line for almost 3 hours to be able to enter this pavilion and it was worth the wait.

The pavilion was full of breathtaking ideas towards sustainability and had so many interactive games, equipments for understanding the various things they were speaking about.

7. US

Message from US pavilion was like this – We are a great nation.. Look at all that we have achieved. We also know that we have screwed up the planet. And hence we are now going to space 😛

8. Belgium

Belgium spoke about the future of cities, specially with regard to mobility

9. Pakistan

Very vibrant and well presented, Pakistan pavilion was a pleasure to visit.

Other pavilions

Switzerland – The inside was very un-impressive
New Zealand – Focussed on nature. The thought of declaring rivers as a legal person, with legal rights was truely awesome!