Wayanad, a district in Kerala, has one of the least population and one of the most picturesque landscape. We had a long weekend during Diwali 2017 and were looking for someplace where we could relax, at the same time there would be enough to explore. Wayanad seemed an ideal choice.

This was our first trip with our dog, Mishki, and we were excited at the prospect of it. Our accommodation was booked in Daniel’s Homestay (booked through Airbnb)

Daniel’s Homestay

Daniel’s Homestay is located in Muttil, around 20 kms from Sulthan Bathery (a popular tourist location in Wayanad). If one is going from Bangalore, they can follow this route: Bangalore>Mysore>Guldlepet>Sultan Bathery>Muttil. From Muttil, we followed the route provided by Mr. Daniel through the country roads, ultimately reaching the homestay around evening.

The homestay was a cozy little place, which was situated way inside a village. Mr. Daniel, who is a wedding photographer and an organic farmer, along with his better half, Veena and daughter Anna, were awesome gracious hosts. Our evenings and mornings would go talking to them, when Mr. Daniel shared various life stories.

Take this Left to reach Daniel’s homestay. Around 500m away from the place
Daniel’s Homestay
The front porch
The garden from the front porch
Moumita with Veena, our host

Theirs is an organic village, which does not depend on the outside common market for any food. There is a market inside the community where you can exchange food items in case you need any. Other than farming, some community members have started dairy/poultry farms, homestays, etc. to reduce their dependency on farming for an income.

Uravu, a bamboo workshop produces awesome gift and household items is also a part of this community. We visited the place and bought some items, but overall I found Uravu quite costly.

Note: In case you are traveling with your dog, and planning to opt for homestay for accomodation, do ensure that you speak to the host, and find out if they are comfortable with keeping the dog inside the house. This will ensure that you do not get last minute surprises and also would ensure that no inconvenience is caused to the host.

Places to visit in Wayanad:

Edakkal caves are natural caves near Sultan Bathery, which has paintings from almost 7000 years ago. These caves are believed to be one of the earliest centers of human habitation. You would have to park your car and do a climb of a steep slopy road for around a km or more to reach the caves. The cave itself has close to 300 steps.

There are quite a few dams and lakes in the area. One such lake is Pookode lake. We found it too touristy, noisy and there were too many people. If you are looking for solace then you can avoid this place.

There is Banasura Sagar Dam, Karapuzha Dam which are good places to visit. Overall driving around Wayand is great. It’s awesomely scenic. Driving through winding roads through mountains and tea gardens were just too good an experience for us!

Random Stop on the way to Edakkal Caves
One end of Karapuzha Dam

Creek in the Wild

Creek in the Wild is located on another end of Wayanad, near Thirunelli. On the way to this place, there is a place Kattikulum, from which the road enters a forest. And the drive through this forest road is just super!

From Thirunelli, the road becomes really narrow and goes way into a village. You have to park your car, then cross a river, on a narrow bridge made of few wooden planks, to finally reach the place.

However, the whole ordeal is worth it, as the place and the surrounding are just gorgeous. There are only 4 cottages in this property so you might have to book well in advance to get an accomodation.

On the way to Creek in the Wild
A random stop on the way
From inside Creek in the Wild
Stroll With Mishki
Banana Plantation just outside the gate
The wooden bridge you cross
The stream of water on the way to the Creek

One of the owners, Mr. Venkatesh was also there on the property along with his 2 dogs, Coffee & Curious. Me & Moumita, had a good time in the evening talking to the hosts, playing with the dogs and see the dogs play among themselves.

Most of our time here went in lazing in and around the property, playing in the clear water of the stream flowing just outside the property. Combined with sumptuous food, the stay became just heavenly.

A word of caution: Being almost inside the forest, there are quite a few leeches, ticks, etc. in the grass. Wear proper shoes and pants, so that they do not get onto your legs. If you have a dog with you, then take proper precaution by spraying or applying tick repellants.

After spending a day in Creek in the wild, we headed back to Bangalore. It was a long drive, but we came back home quite rejuvenated despite having driven 800+ km, over the last 4 days!