This was a day trip which I did from London. There are several standard tour operators in London who provides such tours. I had randomly chosen one.

The bus left early in the day. We took breakfast before boarding. The first stop for us was the Stonehenge, around 140 kms from London.

The Stonehenge

One of the most well known structures of the world, to the unsuspecting eye, the Stonehenge are nothing but a few big stones piled together 🙂

However, there are plenty of mysteries around this place and this unassuming set of massive rocks, which make the place extraordinary. The rocks date back to around 3000 BC. At that time, how the rocks were assembled and put together is a mystery. How rocks came to this place, inside sprawling meadows of UK, is yet another mystery. Some say it is a burial ground, some say it has astronomical significance.

Unless you have read about Stonehenge before, there is nothing much which’ll awe you. For me it was more of a checklist item. Given the amount I have heard and read about this place, I just had to go visit!

If you are going anytime around winter, do cover yourself adequately. It’s in between an open field and the chilly wind will torment you like anything!

The Stonehenge UK The Stonehenge UK

The Salisbury Cathedral

The Salisbury Cathedral was our next stop. Another iconic structure in UK, it’s known for having the original 1215 Magna Carta, world’s oldest working mechanical clock, Britain’s tallest spire along with it’s glorious architecture and stained glasses.

It had started to rain when we reached there (which is very very common in UK). It was a fabulous hour or so I spent in the cathedral, admiring everything I saw! Below is a glimpse.

Salisbury Cathedral UK


Salisbury Cathedral UK Salisbury Cathedral UK Salisbury Cathedral UK Salisbury Cathedral UK

Salisbury Cathedral UK

Salisbury Cathedral UK Salisbury Cathedral UK Salisbury Cathedral UK Salisbury Cathedral UK Salisbury Cathedral UK


Another must visit if you are in Britain, Bath is a city on the River Avon, in Somerset. It is known for the roman baths and temple which were built around 60 AD, on the hot springs here. This is the only hot spring in Britain.

There are many museums in Bath which are worth visiting. The main attraction is however the Roman Bath itself. The city of Bath too is very beautiful and it was great just walking around the streets (for whatever time our tour operator allowed us)

When we reached Bath, it was drizzling quite heavily. Though it did not dampen our spirits, the photos I took looked horribly dull because of the overcast weather.

Roman Bath, Bath, UK
The main Bath area
Roman Baths, in Bath UK
The main Bath area
Bath UK, pillars under Spa
These Pillars of tiles supported the floor of spa room. Hot smoky air was pulled in from a fire and circulated around these pillars
Sulis Minerva - Goddess of Wisdom and Decisions. Bath UK
Sulis Minerva – Goddess of Wisdom and Decisions. The temple in Bath is dedicated to her

City of Bath
City of Bath
Just outside Roman Baths and Temple
Just outside Roman Baths and Temple

All in all, it was around 400 kms in travel. But I made most of the time I got on the ground. At the end of the day, I came back with some awesome memories!