“What does Bairagi mean?”, said Sir. “It’s in the name itself see. Bairagan, Bairagya (A sanskrit term which means renunciation, detachment). However, it’s important to understand that it doesn’t necessarily mean that you leave everything and go.

It means that you should know that nothing is permanent, so while you enjoy everything around you, you should not get too attached to anything. When you get attached to anything, then sadness also comes.

True Bairagan…means being blissful, without any expectation, wants…being aware of the volatile nature of everything around you”

“You say that she is your child. No. She has only come through you. You are just a medium. Do not start dominating her thinking that she is yours. Have that detachment. That is bairagan..”

Below is Bairagi Bhairav starting by Guruji, VIjay Ranga Sir.